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Is Arabic coffee fattening or helps you lose weight?

 Is Arabic coffee fattening is the most popular question that comes to the minds of Arab women, as coffee is the preferred and most consumed drink in a large number of Arab and Gulf countries in particular, and it is also considered the first hospitality drink that women innovate in preparing and adding a distinctive taste to it of cardamom and cloves? And saffron and ginger, are the drink that most people start their day with to give them activity, vitality, and focus, but what is their relationship to weight and slimming, this is the focus of the following lines.

Benefits of Arabic coffee

Before answering the pivotal question, is Arabic coffee fattening? It is necessary to first look at the benefits of this magical drink and know its importance for the health of the body, as follows:

Arabic coffee is rich in antioxidants: this makes it protection for the body from cancerous diseases, especially breast, stomach, colon, and uterine cancer.

Coffee improves brain function: Arabic coffee helps activate the brain’s abilities, especially related to memorization, attention, and memory, and eating it helps to increase focus and prevent forgetting, so it protects against Alzheimer’s.

Coffee protects against diabetes: Is Arabic coffee fattening? A question related to its effect on blood sugar, as drinking coffee activates the performance of the pancreas and increases insulin secretion in the body, which protects against diabetes, and works to regulate blood sugar, so Coffee is a drink allowed for diabetics.

Coffee treats psychological problems: Consuming Arabic coffee helps improve the psychological state and mood, which works to treat depression and tension, as the caffeine in it stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin hormones, which are the hormones of happiness in the brain, which helps to feel psychological comfort.

Coffee improves oral and dental health: Taking coffee is an anti-bacterial that affects the mouth and teeth, which protects against cavities and bad breath. It also prevents the formation of plaque and tartar on the teeth, treats gum infections, and prevents oral cancer.

Benefits of Arabic coffee for skin and hair

Drinking coffee is beneficial for girls and women, as studies and research have proven its importance in maintaining the health and beauty of hair and skin, and its benefits include:

  • The antioxidants present in coffee protect the skin from the effects of harmful sunlight, prevent skin cancer and protect the skin from wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • The caffeine in coffee treats hair loss, stimulates its growth, and strengthens its follicles.
  • Coffee protects hair from graying and delays its appearance, so it can be used in hair care masks.
  • Coffee works to tighten the skin and treat cellulite, lines, and annoying marks.
  • The coffee mask is a natural exfoliator for the skin that removes dead cells, softens the skin, and gives it radiance and vitality.
  • Coffee works to strengthen the nails and prevent them from infection with fungi and make them shiny, strong, and shiny.

Is Arabic coffee fattening?

Does Arabic coffee cause weight gain? The perplexing question for all lovers of this drink and for those who cannot start or complete their day without enjoying sips of their favorite drink, and they have the answer according to the scientific studies concerned in this regard:

  • Coffee contains chlorogenic acids, which slow down the production of glucose in the body after meals, thus losing weight, especially if coffee is taken without sweetening.
  • Coffee works to fill the appetite and enhance the feeling of satiety, so it does not cause weight gain, but rather it works to reduce the amount of food a person eats, and thus excess weight is lost.
  • Arabic coffee does not cause obesity, on the contrary, it helps burn fat, and protects against type 2 diabetes.
  • Coffee is low in calories, so consuming it does not cause weight gain.

Does Arabic coffee lose weight?

The question was answered: Is Arabic coffee fattening? Studies have concluded that it works to reduce weight, not increase it, because it contains caffeine, which raises the metabolic rate in the body, and thus burns fat and reduce weight, and coffee contains acids that slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. in the body, and therefore there is no increase in weight.

Does Arabic coffee prove weight?

It was previously said that Arabic coffee has a significant role in reducing excess weight, reducing appetite, and burning fat, as the caffeine in coffee helps to increase the metabolic rate in the body by a large percentage, but there are no studies indicating the use of coffee in stabilizing weight after losing it, so it is necessary to consult a doctor To learn about the best ways to maintain weight with a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

From here, it can be said that the question of whether Arabic coffee is fattening, its answer came to confirm the effectiveness of this drink in getting rid of excess weight, burning fat, and curbing appetite. Other health problems related to high blood pressure and increased heart rate, it is enough to only take two cups a day in normal cases.


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