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Benefits of herbs and foods used in alternative medicine

 The benefits of herbs and foods used in alternative medicine will be mentioned, as they are the best in treating many diseases and health problems, as they do not involve strong side effects as in chemical medicines. The leaves, roots, and seeds of some herbs are used to treat diseases of the stomach, bones, joints, skin, skin, and other diseases. diseases.

Medicinal herbs need to be familiar with the list of diseases that they treat and their therapeutic benefits so that they can be used and benefited from them to the fullest, and this will be explained in the next article.

Benefits of herbs in alternative medicine

Many herbs are considered one of the best treatment options, as they are completely free of any chemicals, artificial colors, and preservatives, and singularly dispense with taking medicines sometimes. Among the most important benefits of herbs and foods used in alternative medicine are the following:

  • It is classified as free from side effects compared to chemical drugs.
  • It is used in the treatment of a large number of diseases and sings over drug therapy in many cases.
  • Helps treat diabetes, liver, and digestive problems.
  • It is characterized by its low prices and availability.
  • It is easy to use and can be prepared and eaten easily.
  • Some herbs are used to treat more than one disease at the same time.
  • Herbs are used in the manufacture of many medicines.
  • Herbal therapy can be combined with other types of physical therapy such as acupuncture and physical therapy.

The most important medicinal herbs 

Research has unanimously agreed on the importance and benefits of herbs, including the following:

  • Green tea provides the body with many benefits, and gives the body energy and vitality, it is a suitable healthy alternative to caffeinated drinks.
  • Chamomile, characterized by a distinctive aromatic smell, treats digestive disorders, and is used in the treatment of respiratory infections.
  • Anise, this small herbal seed is used as a calming for the nervous system and to get rid of anxiety and tension, treats gas and bloating, improves the performance of the digestive system, works on diuresis, and improves the performance of the kidneys.
  • Ginger, a plant with a pungent smell and strong taste, is useful in treating gout, calms the stomach, treats vomiting and nausea, treats gout, and helps protect and strengthen blood vessels.
  • Saffron, which is characterized by orange color and a distinctive smell and taste, is considered a strong analgesic, and it is also considered one of the most important herbs used to strengthen the nervous system.
  • Turmeric, a distinctive yellow plant, used in preparing delicious meals, is a natural antibiotic that protects the body from diseases and strengthens the immune system.
  • Mint, this famous green plant that is one of the most widely used herbs in alternative medicine, treats bloating and gas, improves the functioning of the digestive system, maintains healthy gums and mouth, and gives it a fresh smell.
  • Licorice, a famous plant used as a refreshing cold drink, or warm after boiling in water, is used in alternative medicine to treat cough and phlegm, improve the performance of the respiratory system, and is considered a natural laxative that treats constipation.
  • Sahlab is a winter drink that gives the body warmth on cold winter nights, treats diarrhea, especially in young children, and treats stomach ulcers and internal bleeding.

Benefits of herbs in alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is one of the fertile fields that never stops giving and offers more herbs and foods that are used to treat diseases, including:

  • Barley water treats cough and high temperature. It is also a good lotion for wounds and skin ulcers. It helps treat diarrhea and intestinal infections. Boiled barley bran is used to wash festering wounds.
  • Castor oil is one of the most famous alternative medicine medicines, as it is used as a laxative and treatment for constipation.
  • Fennel decoction, one of the herbs used to treat digestive disorders, treats gas, stimulates blood circulation, is a strong anti-inflammatory, treats cough, and expels phlegm.
  • Tamarind, this refreshing drink on hot summer days, is used to treat constipation, treat high temperatures, and remove excess acidity in the body. It is also useful in treating respiratory infections and coughing.


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